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Main Street Aguilar is the gateway to the beautiful Cordova Pass. This route through the Apishapa Valley is part of the Scenic Highway of Legends leading to Highway 12 and allows the traveler a close-up view of the majestic Spanish Peaks, sometimes called Twin Peaks or the Indian name, “Huajatollas”.

Look for our upcoming fundraisers as we continue to collect and store historic documents, photos, newspapers, and historic pieces our supporters have donated. One of our goals in the future is a small museum to display these items.

Contact us through this site or at AVHS, PO Box 159, Aguilar CO 81020

With the designation of Aguilar's Main St. and County Road 46.0 to Cordova Pass as part of the Scenic Highway of Legends, the preservation of this area will be even more vital to the local economy. The Historical Society welcomes contributions of stories, pictures, old newspaper articles, etc. We hope to gather as much as possible for display in a museum someday.

Family histories are also welcome. We hope local citizens and supporters can envision this as we work with professionals in the state and local historical groups. Most grants require "matching funds" and we have had several fundraisers in the last year.

Contributions can be sent to our mailing address: AVHS, PO Box 159, Aguilar CO 81020.

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